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Chinese Academy of Sciences

The CAS focus on research in basic and technological sciences,to provide the country with scientific data and advice for governmental decision-making, and to undertake government-assigned projects with regard to key S&T problems in the process of social and economic development; to initiate personnel training; and to promote China's high-tech enterprises by its active involvement in these areas.

To visit website: http://www.cas.cn



Nanotron Technologies GmbH

Nanotron provides reliable loss protection technology and solutions that are used to protect people and animals. Energy efficient, battery- powered wireless nodes are the key building blocks. Robust wireless Chirp technology underpins nanotron's offering of chips, modules and loss protection software for indoor and outdoor environments world wide.

To visit website: http://www.nanotron.com



Ubisense Limited

Ubisense is the world's leading precise real-time location solution provider to the manufacturing industries. Through many years of visionary leadership and continual progression, Ubisense has harnessed the power of information technology and transformed the real-time location industry. Ubisense’s software combines technical excellence with unrivalled performance within a framework of applications flexible enough to meet the diverse requirements of all its users.

To visit website: http://www.ubisense.net




Since 1984, ACKSYS Communications & Systems is specialized in the design and supply of data communication equipments including wireless network solutions, serial MODBUS to MODBUS/TCP data gateways, serial device servers (Ethernet, USB & WiFi), media converters, serial communication controllers, MIL-STD-1553 & HDLC for avionics test and simulation.

To visit website: http://www.acksys.com


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